I’m a Clinical Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselor, specializing in Co-Occurring Disorders. My professional interests include the treatment of substance use disorders, family systems, and relationships counseling. I live in North Carolina, where I work with families and children.

I like to write, too. Especially about psychology and politics, my two big passions. Once upon a time I was an English teacher. I have a degree in Writing from Florida State University. I was the editor-in-chief of FSU Student Publications and an Editorial Associate of a scholarly journal called The ALAN Review. I’m published in “Curriculum of Peace, A: Selected Essays from English Journal.” Here’s a link.

My other website is CounselingInsite.com. It offers free online mental health counseling resources. I wrote all that content as well.

I am available for consultations, speaking engagements, and freelance writing assignments. If you’d like to get in touch with me about those things, go here.

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